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DUI Class Online for Court Requirements, DMV, Employment or Education

Review state requirements about online classes before you register for a class. Call 1-877-368-9909 for assistance in choosing the correct class.

FREE Victim Impact Panel included with all DUI and Alcohol/Drug classes. You do NOT have to add the Victim Panel to your shopping cart. It will be included with the purchase of your class.

DUI / DWI / OUI / ASAM 0.5 Early Intervention
12 Hours / AB 803 Program
12 Hours / SB 1176 Program
32 Hours / AB 541 Program
45 Hours / AB 762 Program
60 Hours / AB 1353 Program
78 Hours / SB 38 Program


Online Victim Panel

Spanish DUI Class

8 horas de clase de DUI en español
12 horas de clase de DUI en español
16 horas de clase de DUI en español

Alcohol / Drug / Substance
24 Hours
CALIFORNIA Diversion Programs
26 Hours PC1000 (DEJ)
32 Hours PC1000 (DEJ)
36 Hours PC1000 (DEJ)

Minor in Possession (MIP)
Minor in Consumption (MIC)

Marijuana Education

  8 Hours
16 Hours


OPTIONAL: If you are required to attend a victims panel, all DUI classes include a FREE 60 minute Victims Impact Panel session. You will receive an additional certificate of completion for the Victims Impact Panel.

Please call 1-877-368-9909 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Mountain Standard Time for more information.

Other terms for a DUI and Alcohol, Drug, Substance Offenses

APC (Actual Physical Control)
BUI (Boating Under the Influence)
BWI (Boating While Intoxicated)
DUI (Driving Under the Influence, Impaired Driver, Intoxicated Driver)
DUID (Driving under the Influence of Drugs)
DUII (Driving while Under the Influence of Intoxicants)
DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired, Driving While Alcohol Impaired)
DWI (Driving While Impaired, Driving While Intoxicated)
OUI (Operating Under the Influence, Operating While Under the Influence of alcohol or other drugs)
OUIL (Operating Under the Influence of Liquor)
OVI (Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs)
OVWI (Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated, Operating a Vessel While Intoxicated)
OWI (Operating While Intoxicated, Operating While Impaired, Operating While Under the Influence)
MIP (Minor in Possession)
MIC (Minor in Consumption)
UDUI (Underage Driving Under the Influence)
Zero Tolerance Laws apply to persons under 21 who consume, purchase, or attempt or conspire to purchase alcohol even if they are not caught driving while intoxicated.

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