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Benefits of Online Classes
  • Accredited Agency
  • Convenient and affordable
  • Secure registration
  • Payment plans for 36+ hours
  • No interest on payment plans
  • Immediate access
  • Available 24/7
  • Mobile Friendly
  • No time limits
  • Live weekday office support
  • Online email support
  • FREE Victim Panel
  • FREE Certificates
Online Solutions for:
  • Those unable to attend live classes
  • Rural communities
  • Out-of-state offenses
  • Deployed military personnel
  • Employees working abroad
  • Foreign exchange students
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Frequently Asked Questions for Online Classes

Q) Will these classes be accepted in my state?
A) Online Classes offered by Tom Wilson Counseling and TeleHealth Center are licensed and approved in Idaho and conducted by Tom Wilson, M.A. LCPC, a licensed clinical professional counselor practicing in the state of Idaho. Because online classes are relatively new, the classes have been approved in many jurisdictions on a case by case basis and approval can vary from county to county or from state to state. We cannot guarantee that our online classes will be accepted by your state or jurisdiction. You must get approval from the state agency or court that requires the class before enrolling. View the state that requires a class for more information.

Q) How do I ask for approval of your classes if I am in another state?
A) Ask the requiring agency if they will accept classes from a program licensed in another state. If the agency requires more detailed course or provider information, we will send you a course outline upon request by emailing us.

Q) Which states have accepted your classes?
A) We strive to update each state's policies regarding out of state and online classes. Check your state's policies by clicking on the state that requires the class and review each state's policy. Please call toll free 1-877-368-9909 for assistance between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Mountain Standard Time. Idaho and International phone number is 1-208-368-9909.

Q) Do you send a certificate of completion to the court or state agency automatically?
A) No. Online DUI and some other classes require that you contact our office upon completion and once we verify you passed all lessons, 2 copies of the certificate of completion are mailed directly to you. Online Alcohol & Drug, Relapse Prevention, Anger Management, and Parenting classes give you the option to print your certificate upon successful completion. If your state requires us to send a certificate directly to the agency, we are happy to send the certificate to the state agency or person you have identified.

Q) Does it really take 8 hours to complete an 8 hour online class?
A) Yes. Each course takes the amount of time listed by its title. However, classes are broken into smaller sections so that lessons or topics are timed for several minutes per lesson/topic within the class. Classes can be taken over several hours or several weeks, depending on the content of each topic.

Q) Once I log on, do I have to stay on the class until I have completed the whole class?
A) No. You can log in and log out after each topic/lesson and take the class over several sessions.

Q) How do online classes work?
A) Online classes are similar to face-to-face classes in the sense that there is a real instructor and real students online. The main difference is that the classroom is a web site that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and lessons are read by students and review questions are completed online instead of in the classroom. The instructor checks the progress of each student from a remote location by looking at “grades” and “student activity logs.” Logs are a permanent record of your activity in the classes.

Q) Is there a certain time we have to be online everyday?
A) No. You can log on to your class at any time of the day or night.

Q) What is an online class?
A) Online classes are conducted over the Internet and do not have regular meetings in a physical space. Students need a Windows or Macintosh computer with at least a 14.4 modem, an Internet service provider, and a Web browser. Enrollment and class participation can also be completed using most mobile devices and tablets with an internet connection. Classes are online at a dedicated class Web site,

Q) How do you know who is taking the class?
A) Each student who registers for a class provides us with unique information about themselves that is used to verify their identity throughout the course. Failure to correctly respond to identity questions will terminate access to the course.

Q) What do I do if I lost my password?
A) Go to this link: and enter your username or email address. An email will be sent to reset your password.

Q) How do I get back into my registration and/or shopping cart and complete my registration and pay for my class ... or buy another product?
A) Follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to this link and click on View Cart.
  2. If there is nothing in your cart, find the class you want to enroll in and click Buy Now.
  3. Review cart accuracy and click Checkout.
  4. If you already have an account, enter the username and password you set up during registration. If you didn't set up an account, click Create a New Account.
  5. When prompted, enter the Billing Information.
  6. Click on the Proceed button at the bottom of the page to finish the payment process.
  7. Once payment is confirmed you will be logged in and can begin your class.

Q) How do I pay for the class?
A) After you select your course, and complete the registration form you can pay by credit card online. Please have your card information when you are enrolling. If you want to make payments on a 36 Hour Class or longer, please stop when you get to the payment page and call our office at 1.877.368.9909, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm MT.

Q) How do I register and pay for ANOTHER class if I am already enrolled in a class?
A) Follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to this link and a product to your cart.
  2. Review cart accuracy and click Checkout.
  3. If you already have an account, enter the username and password you set up during a previous registration.
  4. When prompted, enter the Billing Information.
  5. Click on the Proceed button at the bottom of the page to finish the payment process.
  6. Once payment is confirmed you will be logged in and can begin your class.

Q) How do I know which class to take?
A) Ask the court or DMV how many hours you need to take to meet their requirements. Every state is different. You can check this link: State Information for information about state requirements.

Q) How do I enroll for a class?
A) Browse the list of courses in the COURSE CATALOG and click on the TYPE of class you need, i.e., DUI, Alcohol/Drug, California Non-Resident DUI, Anger Management, etc. Click on the title of the class you need from the list of classes, add to cart, go to checkout, complete registration form, complete payment process, begin your class.

Q) How do I enroll and complete an online class if I don't have a computer or email?
A) You can use a computer for free at any local library, but there are restrictions on how long you can be on each day. Ask for assistance at the library. You can sign up for a free email account at ( or Please write down your username and password for future access to your class.

Q) How do I get back into my CLASS or Evaluation when I return later?
A) If you registered and paid for your class and didn't bookmark the link, go to: If you still experience problems logging in, email us or call 1.877.368.9909 for more information. Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm Mountain Standard Time.

Q) How do I get my certificate of completion?
A) Some classes allow you to print out a certificate online, but MOST do not because many states require us to verify that you have completed all requirements. After completion, please call our office toll free at 1-877-368-9909 (Idaho or International 1-208-368-9909) and request your certificate.

Q) How do I get my certificate as soon as possible?
A) You can request next day or overnight delivery for an additional fee. Please call the office before 12:00 noon, Mountain Standard Time to request overnight delivery.

Q) How do I join a Zoom meeting for final in-person assessment after I complete an Online Evaluation?
A) Watch this video on How to Join a Zoom Meeting: