What Is required in a California 9 month First Offender DUI Program?

Court Requirements for California AB1353 60 hour DUI Program

California requires DUI First Offenders to complete the AB1353, 9 month,  60 hour DUI Class for certain cases where the Blood Alcohol is elevated. A typical program requires the following:

  1. 46 hours of Group Counseling.
  2. 12 hours of Alcohol/Drug Education.
  3. 18 Self help (AA) meetings.
  4. 30 minutes of one on one counseling.

Online DUI programs for out of state residents can meet these requirements by completing the Online AB1353, 9 month 60 hour program to meet court requirements.

This program is offered exclusively by Tom Wilson Counseling Center, an approved provider of DUI Classes Online for persons who received a DUI in California but reside out of state. Information about this program is available at California Online DUI Classes for Out of State Residents or by calling toll free 1-877-368-9909.

You can also email your questions to  support@tomwilsoncounseling.com.