Online Anger Management Class

Reduce Risks Associated with Anger 

Tom Wilson Counseling Center now offers a 4 Hour Online Anger Management Class.  This class is helpful for those who are court ordered to take Anger Management or for those that just need some help and guidance managing their anger.  
  • Work in the service industry and have issues dealing with holiday customers?
  • Have children that constantly push your buttons?  
  • Is your marriage having conflicts because one or both of your cannot control your anger? 
  • Does your employer want you to learn better skills for dealing with difficult customers?  
  • Are you an unruly football or sports fan that has trouble dealing with the opposing team’s fans?  
These are all good reasons to seek education and skills for managing your anger.  
These classes teach participants specific skills to control anger and resolve conflicts with others. Participants learn the consequences of anger and aggression and how to recognize “early warning” signs and reduce risks for aggressive behavior. It also includes guidelines for regaining self control, de-escalating anger, using effective responses to criticism, constructive communication, steps to resolving conflicts and negotiating differences with others.
ALL classes developed and monitored by Tom Wilson, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselorwho is also a Certified Alcohol and Substance Prevention Specialist. Tom is the author of “Taming Anger and Aggression“, an anger management program which has been taught to hundreds of people at the counseling center over the last twelve years. He specializes in adapting evidence-based substance abuse prevention programs for delivery through the web and other electronic media.