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FREE Online Victim Impact for Court Ordered Requirements

Victims Panel from Tom Wilson Counseling and TeleHealth

FREE Victim Impact Panel if you enroll in one of our DUI, Alcohol, Drug, or Relapse Classes.

Victim Impact Panels are commonly required by a judge to assist DUI offenders in changing their driving behavior patterns. A Victims Impact Panel is designed to modify driver behavior through educating and introducing the driver to the realities of how irresponsible driving impacts the community, victims and their families, and the driver’s own family.

If you do not register for a DUI, Alcohol & Drug or Relapse Prevention Class, you can still enroll in a standalone Victim Impact Panel class. Requires ability to view videos online.

Register for Standalone Victims Impact Panel : $49.00


Avoid Mistakes for Out-of-State DUI Offenders in Riverside County, California

DUI in Riverside County but live in another state?

Tom Wilson, MA, LCPC

NEW LOWER PRICES FOR 32-78 Hour Classes!

Did you get a DUI in Riverside County, California but live out of state?  Chances are you had an Attorney represent you in court where you entered a plea and went to final sentencing.  You were told to pay a fine and complete an Online 3 month AB541 DUI Class to meet California‚Äôs court requirements. However, there is one simple mistake made by out-of-state residents that has led to Riverside County issuing a warrant for non-compliance. This mistake can dramatically increase the time it takes to resolve your case.

At sentencing, all persons sentenced for a DUI in Riverside County are given a notice to report to the Riverside County Drinking Driver Programs located in Indio and Riverside, California. Failing to report to the program can result in a warrant for non-compliance, even if they sign up for classes ahead of time. The Drinking Driver Program provides offenders with a Proof of Enrollment Form that must be completed by the approved DUI program. This form is completed by the provider and returned to the Drinking Driver Program indicating that the defendant has enrolled.

For out of state offenders, the form must be sent to their online DUI program provider for completion and returned to the Drinking Driver Program. The online provider insures that the defendant has enrolled in a timely manner and in the correct program, and in turn sends proof of enrollment to the Drinking Driver Program, as well as sending proof of enrollment/completion to the court.

Out-of-state DUI offenders who skip this requirement are unpleasantly surprised when they discover that a warrant for non-compliance has been issued. When in doubt, a call to the Drinking Driver Program in Riverside County at 1-760-863-8471 is always a good idea.
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Benefits of Online Classes:

  • 100% online and available 24/7
  • Secure registration and payment
  • Payment plans for classes 32 hours or longer
  • Convenient and Confidential

Classes Available for California Non-Residents: