Online DUI Classes

DUI classes or alcohol education classes are usually part of court requirements for persons charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.  Attorneys also advise clients to enroll in classes prior to their client’s first court appearance, in order to improve the court’s view of their client’s attitudes and character.

However, there are no national standards for DUI classes that can vary in length, content and cost as you travel from state to state. Many states have developed standardized class requirements, but many have not.

For this reason, a person who receives a DUI out-of-state can face major obstacles to meeting the court’s requirements, especially if their home state does not provide the required program.

To address that need, we have developed the largest selection of online DUI classes that are nationally accepted.  You can browse our course catalog here and check state requirements before registering.

Payment plans are available for classes that are 32 hours or longer. No interest is charged on payment plans. Classes can be completed anytime, 24/7 and there are no deadlines for completing your class.

VICTIMS IMPACT PANEL INCLUDED: If you are required to attend a victims panel, these classes include a FREE 60 minute Victims Impact Panel session. You will receive an additional certificate of completion for the Victims Impact Panel.