Reinstate Your Out-of-State License-Complete the 1650 Waiver Packet

You are eligible for the 1650 waiver packet after your suspension is up. Usually you request a packet about one month before your suspension is up. After you have a 1650 waiver packet, you are not required to do classes for the DMV.  You get one in a lifetime. This will terminate the action against the driver’s license. This waives privileges to have a license or drive in California for three years. If you want a license within 3 years you have to do classes in California.

DMV Mandatory Actions Unit
Phone: 916-657-6525
PO Box 942890
Sacramento, CA 94290

DUI in California and live OUT of STATE?

4 thoughts on “Reinstate Your Out-of-State License-Complete the 1650 Waiver Packet

  1. Amy

    Regarding the 1650 waiver, I've been told the CA DMV can deny a driver license application even after the 3- year waiver period, even if all court requirements have been met and no other issues exist. Is this true?

  2. Thomas Wilson

    Thanks for your question, Amy. You would need to contact an attorney who specializes in DUIs. We do not and cannot give legal advice. You can also contact the Mandatory Actions Unit.
    Tom Wilson

  3. Unknown

    I have called the mandatory access line 916-657-6525 for months now and all it is, is a recording saying they are too busy to take any calls. I am trying to request a 1650 waiver packet. I live in Hawaii and have since 2013. And I got 1 DUI in November of 2005, and am still unable to get my license. How the hell do you get a hold of these people? Anyone else having this same issue?

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