Arrested for DUI in California at a Checkpoint?

Checkpoints are Working

Recently, law enforcement agencies in the State of California have been conducting sobriety checkpoints on California’s highways.  Even though no federal or state laws govern what happens at the checkpoints, auditor reports show that the checkpoint program is working.
California Office of Traffic Safety isn’t required to monitor how the checkpoints are conducted, but local law enforcement agencies report that they are running effectively and efficiently.  As proof of their effectiveness, California’s fatality rates (caused by drunk driving) have dropped nearly 12% from 2009 to 2010.
According to the program auditors, the sobriety checkpoints have resulted in almost 28,000 citizen citations.  The citations range from unlicensed drivers to about 7,000 drunk driving arrests.
The report covers many counties, but what isn’t clear is how many of those drunk driving arrests are people that don’t even live in the State of California. Tom Wilson Counseling Center provides APPROVED online California DUI Classes for those that live in another state, but received a DUI in the State of California.

Courts order DUI classes for out of state residents who receive a DUI at a California checkpoint:

These classes are currently NOT approved for anyone living in the State of California or with a valid California Driver’s License. Please check with the court or agency that requires this class before you enroll in one of our classes. Register Online at Tom Wilson Counseling Center.