Taking an Online Alcohol Class is Part of Completing Pretrial Diversion

Understanding Pretrial Diversion

A criminal conviction for an alcohol or drug offense, whether misdemeanor or felony, can create an avalanche of unintended consequences that often ends with individuals becoming further enmeshed in the legal system which can prevent them from being a productive member of the community. Tom Wilson Counseling Center specializes in online alcohol and drug abuse education for participants who have qualified for a pretrial diversion program in any state.

Pretrial diversion programs afford individuals an opportunity to address their behavior without resulting in a criminal conviction. These diversion programs may occur as early as street-level law enforcement intervention, or as late as court involvement, but the distinguishing characteristic is that there will not be a conviction recorded in an individual’s record.

Many pretrial diversion defendants are referred for alcohol and substance abuse intervention, with low risk offenders sent to less intensive programs while higher risk offenders are sent to more intensive programs, such as outpatient treatment. Since most programs are admistered by prosecuting Attorneys, community probation supervision personnel are often tasked with identifying the higher risk offenders (who will need more intensive intervention). Most participants in the pretrial diversion program are low risk or medium risk offenders, and have the highest completion rate of their online alcohol drug education classes, and their diversion requirements.

Out-of-state offenders in pretrial diversion programs are usually referred to online alcohol drug education programs that  meet court requirements and provide the quickest way to help them avoid a black mark on their legal record.