Online Anger Management Classes Popular with Courts; Saving Time, Money and Hassle

Court ordered anger management classes have been standard requirements for a lot of defendants who have lost their temper and gotten into legal trouble. After attending a few sessions, the charges were either reduced or dismissed.

However,  courts in almost every state have suffered huge cutbacks in funding, staffing and time to deal with compliance. Like the courts, defendants are overwhelmed with fines and legal fees so attending in -person anger management classes has hidden costs that the courts never see.

In addition to the tuition for the class, there is the cost of transportation, lost wages from missed work, babysitting and time away from family and friends because of attending in-person classes.

Online Anger Management Classes have gained in popularity with both the courts and the defendants required to attend classes. One chief advantage is that these classes can be taken over the Internet, anytime of day or night, and they are monitored by state approved and licensed treatment professionals.

Secondly, online anger management classes allow defendants to complete their class on their own schedule, without having to leave their  homes or family. One online anger management program reports that clients increasingly use mobile devices, such as Tablets or Smart phones, to work on their classes in their spare time. 

Unexpectedly, courts find these clients spend more time on line than required, often commenting on the usefulness of the content. Courts who get positive feedback are also more likely to embrace this form of  E-counseling in the future.