DUI in Riverside, California

Did you get a DUI arrest in Riverside, California but live in another state and need to complete an Alcohol Program for court?

Complete Approved DUI, Alcohol Awareness, Minor in Possession Programs Online for court with Certified Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist.

Tom Wilson Counseling Center Online Classes

  • California approved for out of state residents
  • 100% online and available 24/7
  • Secure registration and payment
  • Convenient and Confidential
  • 12 Hour Wet Reckless SB 1176 Alcohol Program
  • 32 Hour First Offender AB 541 Alcohol Program
  • 45 Hour First Offender AB 762 Alcohol Program
  • 60 Hour First Offender AB 1353 Alcohol Program
  • 78 Hour Second Offender SB 38 Alcohol Program

Visit www.tomwilsoncounseling.com. 

Contact us at support@twccsolutions.com with questions.