DUI in California?

Drivers who got a DUI in California, but live out of state face a dilemma. How do they fulfill their obligation to the California court, and still be able to return to their home state. Fortunately, Tom Wilson Counseling Center has a solution. Clients seeking help have been referred by many California law firms whose clients we have helped, such as the Shouse Law Group . Sometimes the defendant is directly given our name by the California Courts such as  Los Angeles Superior Court. 

The first concern is complying with the California court requirements to complete a 3 month, 6 month, 9 month or 18 month DUI program. This become part of their court order.

After working with most of the courts in California for several years, our California Online DUI Classes for Out of State Offenders have become the accepted  program to help resolve out of state offender court obligations.

Every court requires proof of enrollment and proof of completion, which  our program promptly provides. Payment arrangements are available.

The large variety of classes offered by the program can be seen at this website.