Does Alec Baldwin Need Anger Management? Los Angeles Times Takes a Poll.

The Los Angeles Time reports that “Alec Baldwin went on a homophobic, profanity-laden online rant Thursday before shutting down his Alec Baldwin Foundation Twitter account, all in defense of his pregnant wife Hilaria, whom a Daily Mail reporter had apparently errantly accused of tweeting while the couple attended James Gandolfini’s funeral.”

Alec Baldwin’s pregnant wife Hilaria was tweeting about Rachael Ray and gifts during James Gandolfini’s funeral. Baldwin replied with words of denial and retaliation against the reporter on Thursday night and into Friday.

The LA times discovered the tweets weren’t happening while the funeral was going on.
However, damage had been done.  Baldwin called Daily Mail writer George Stark a “toxic little queen” and “lying little bitch,” and suggested Stark would enjoy forcible sodomy — specifically a foot up the rear. The actor also threatened to find the writer and mess him up.

The LA Times is conducting an online poll on whether he needs Anger Management Classes or Damage Control here:,0,7548221.story.

Before taking the poll, read about Online Anger Management Classes to learn what they are about.

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