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When You Can’t Get a License Outside of California Because California Suspended Your License

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“I get many calls from people who get DUI’s in California, and get their California driver’s license suspended, but then move out of California to another state. Then they find out that state won’t give them a license because of the California suspension. If you’re in this situation, read on to learn what you can do to get that other state to give you a license.

Let’s say you were convicted of a first-time DUI in California and your license was suspended. In order to get rid of the suspension, the DMV requires you to complete a three month alcohol class. The CA DMV will not, ever, accept completion of an alcohol class from another state. The class must be taken in CA. It doesn’t matter that the court will accept an out of state program to satisfy its term of probation.

Now you move to, let’s say, Colorado. You are a trucker, and you obviously need a commercial license in Colorado to get a job and support yourself and your family. Your problem is that Colorado has a hold on your license because of the CA suspension.

One way you can fix that is to call DMV’s Mandatory Actions Unit in Sacramento, CA (916-657-6525) and ask for a “1650 waiver packet.” They will mail you the packet to your Colorado address. You must fill it out and return it. You will have to show proof that you actually live there, such as a utility bill with your name and address on it. By returning the finished packet to the DMV you are waiving your privilege to drive in CA. Then CA will lift the suspension and Colorado will then lift the hold they placed on your privilege to drive in Colorado. Then you can drive and work and support your family and continue on your happy life.

If you come back to CA within 3 years of the CA DMV processing the waiver and you want your CA license back, you will have to comply with the requirements that existed before, ie., complete the 3 month alcohol class in CA. If you come back and apply for a CA driver’s license after 3 years, you won’t have to take the class. Beware, though, that a person can only waive their privilege to drive in CA once in his/her lifetime.

So to sum up you have two options: 1) you can either come back to CA and complete the 3 month alcohol class, or 2) you can waive your privilege to drive in CA.

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If you are required to complete DUI classes, you can complete your DUI Classes Online to Meet Court Requirements by getting approval form the court.