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NFL Fan Therapy: Unruly get Anger Management

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NFL fans will end up in therapy if their conduct warrants an ejection from the game, as the National Football League is cracking down on the fans that demonstrate uncontrollable anger, alcohol abuse and crude behavior. If you get ejected from a game you will be sent a letter encouraging an apology to the team. The letter will also inform you that it’s mandatory that you do an online course of therapy if you ever want to go see an NFL game in-person again, according to ESPN.

This new NFL plan of action comes into play this year. This online course that you’d be expected to complete will cost you. The cost varies by team such as the Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons charge the least amount of all the teams at $50. The New England Patriots therapy course will set you back the most out of all the NFL teams at $100.

If you try to get back into a game without doing the mandatory course of therapy, you will be arrested for trespassing. The teams are expected to use the technology of facial recognition to monitor the fans that have been ejected and didn’t complete the course. If they try to come back in, the NFL is planning to follow through with arresting them for trespassing.

While you might think there are at best a handful of people that get ejected from the games each year, think again. Last year about 7,000 fans were booted from the NFL games.

The reasons range from lighting up inside the stadium to starting fights with other fans. Some of the teams are known to be strict in certain areas of fan conduct like the Oakland Raiders who have a zero tolerance for smoking. That team can boot up to 300 fans a game for smoking.

The four-hour online course has 12 chapters including “Skills in Stress Management,” “The Cost of Alcohol Abuse in America,” along with many other’s like “Communication is King.” If you think you can just let it play out on your laptop and breeze through it, you’re sadly mistaken. The course comes complete with pop quizzes that you must do on the spot, according to Newser.

It looks like the days of putting on a team’s jersey and going to the game as your defiant alter-ego are over. If you plan on demonstrating behavior that goes against the code of fan conduct for that team, you will pay one way or another!

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