Colleges make Alcohol Awareness Classes Mandatory for Freshmen

College freshman are just starting their first semester all over the US.  They face the pressure of new classes, living in the dorm or on their own, and navigating a new social network.  College administration knows that means some students will use – and sometimes abuse – alcohol and other illegal substances. The UW Marathon County want their students to make the right choice. This year Campus Coordinators focus on reducing the number of high risk activities related to alcohol abuse and other substance abuse. The university will also help students with problem gambling and prescription drug use.

The alcohol awareness class  for the University of Oregon class of 2015 is already under way. It’s part of an online course designed to discourage underage and binge drinking.  The first part of the class takes about two hours. Students complete a series of online lessons that  help them evaluate their alcohol use and and compare it to other students their age. After students have been on campus for a week or two, they complete a short follow-up module. The university signed a four-year contract with a private company at a total cost of $80,080, so students do not pay to take the course.
For non-students who receive a minor in possession of alcohol or drug charge, private online alcohol awareness classes are available.