California 1650 Waiver Packet

1650 Waiver Packet for California DMV

You are eligible for the 1650 waiver packet after your suspension is up. Usually you request a packet about one month before your suspension has expired. After you receive a 1650 waiver packet, you are not required to complete classes for the DMV.  You get one in a lifetime. This will terminate the action against the driver’s license. This waives privileges to have a license or drive in California for three years. If you want a license within 3 years you have to complete classes in California.

DMV Mandatory Actions Unit
Phone: 916-657-6525
PO Box 942890
Sacramento, CA 94290

26 Hour Online Deferred Entry of Judgment Drug Diversion Class: $450.00

DUI in California and live OUT of STATE? Tom Wilson Counseling and TeleHealth Center offers approved programs for out-of-state residents who received a DUI in California.

12 Hour Online DUI Wet-Reckless SB 1176 Program : $225.00
32 Hour / 3 Month First Offender or AB 541 Program : $480.00 (NEW LOWER PRICE!)
45 Hour / 6 Month First Offender or AB 762 Program : $675.00 (NEW LOWER PRICE!)
60 Hour / 9 Month First Offender – AB 1353 Program : $90.00 (NEW LOWER PRICE!)
78 Hour / 18 Month Second Offender – SB 38 Program : $1170.00 (NEW LOWER PRICE!)

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