Alcohol Drug Awareness Education for Students

Tom Wilson Counseling Center provides TeleHealth Education for Teens and Young Adults returning to School

www.mipclass.com was developed by Tom Wilson, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Certified Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist and Evaluator to meet court, employment and education requirements for Alcohol, Drug and Substance Abuse Awareness and Education. 
The classes offer education regarding patterns of use and abuse, health consequences and risks, information on underage drinking, costs of alcohol and drug related automobile accidents, how alcohol and drugs affect the brain, alcohol use in different cultures, relapse prevention strategies, steps for change and reducing risks.
There is also a helpful assessment included in the DUI, Alcohol and Drug Awareness classes that provides personal feedback based on answers to questions about use. The assessment provides feedback regarding BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) effects and risks for driving under the influence.  It also outlines the costs, calories and risks for aggression associated with alcohol use with an emphasis on teen and young adults and situations they are commonly exposed to in high school, college or universities.

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Drug Diversion:
This 24 Hour Online Drug Diversion and Awareness class is a program that allows eligible defendants to be diverted out of the criminal court system and into a drug rehabilitation program. This class was developed by a Certified Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist, for first time drug offenders, such as possession of marijuana and/or paraphernalia. If a first offense drug defendant has an otherwise clean criminal record, judges generally will find a defendant eligible for the drug diversion program without requiring a formal eligibility evaluation. Get court approval before enrolling.